Today is Giving Tuesday

Let's Make The Bay Lights Permanent!
December 3, 2013

In the spirit of generosity that made THE BAY LIGHTS possible, we ask you to please contribute today to help make THE BAY LIGHTS permanent! You can also name a light in THE BAY LIGHTS online digital display to celebrate loved ones, a group or cause with a donation of $50 or more— your symbolic Gift of Light helps THE BAY LIGHTS stay.

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The Bay Lights Path to Permanence

Let's Keep 'Em Lit
November 13, 2013

Does vision spur destiny? It was your trust, love and generosity—your belief in a vision—that made THE BAY LIGHTS a reality. Together, we can continue creating a world of magic and miracles.

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On ‘Til Dawn

A Celebration
October 22, 2013
On Til Dawn

Honoring that ongoing spirit of generosity, we’re pleased to invite you to our Saturday Morning Sunrise Celebration at 6:30 a.m. behind the Ferry Building, at the south-east corner of the pier closest to THE BAY LIGHTS, We’ll be gathering as a community to celebrate our first foray into sunrise, serving hot coffee and fresh pastries to the first hundred or so people who show up. (After that, the food-friendly Ferry Building and Farmers Market will be there for you.)

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The Bay Lights: Breathtaking Again!

On 'Til Dawn invite and insights from Ben Davis
September 26, 2013

In the 1980s I waited tables.Thousands of them. From time to time, things would go wrong. A couple’s important night on the town would be marred by a botched order, a spilled glass of red wine. While I never invited such moments, I always viewed them as opportunities to forge deeper connections with customers—my chance […]

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Thank You to Nespresso for Lighting a Night!

See how to Light a Night at
August 31, 2013

On August 23rd Nespresso sponsored an evening of The Bay Lights for their Grand Chef Rendezvous Dinner in honor of America’s Cup. “It doesn’t get any better or brighter for food, wine, coffee and art than at Nespresso’s extravaganza at the ferry building last Friday.” said Ben Davis, visionary of The Bay Lights, who brought Leo Villareal’s The Edition, a six-foot artwork replicating one tower of the Bay Bridge.

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Brilliant Partnerships

The Bay Lights Best Views Restaurants, Hotels & Businesses
July 19, 2013

Where do you love your Bay Lights? Our Best Views Map shows loads of spots along the Sausalito and San Francisco Embarcaderos to take it all in, as well as how to turn the whole affair into dinner and a show! The Bay Lights also lights up restaurants, bars, hotels, bay cruises and waterfront destinations like the new Exploratorium and TCHO Chocolate, which have great vistas of the light sculpture. Many of these local establishments support The Bay Lights by offering special discounts, commemorative items and valuable giveaways for The Bay Lights team to share with its community.

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The Future is Bright

LED replacement has begun!
June 27, 2013

On Tuesday night June 25th, our technical team began its strategic LED replacement that will have The Bay Lights continuing to shine ever brighter over the summer. Hundreds more LEDs are being replaced over last night and tonight, and Leo returns July 1st to reimagine the piece to even greater brilliance and stability in time for The America’s Cup and throughout the busy summer.

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Celebrating Solutions

The great fix and the great gift
June 14, 2013
Trouble Shooting

Our brilliant technical team—let’s just call them heroic— after much in-the-field trouble shooting and critical analysis this last month have successfully begun implementing the preliminary solution to the visual issues many of you may have witnessed on The Bay Lights: LED lights stuck in the off or on position due to the extremely harsh conditions of the San Francisco Bay environment. The way that this team quickly came together to identify the problem and develop a solution that will have The Bay Lights looking beautiful through this busy summer is an amazing modern-day tale of creativity, generosity and integrity.

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