On ‘Til Dawn

A Celebration
October 22, 2013



It’s a simple truth: We each must reflect the world in which we want to live.

I have a guiding philosophy: I call it “BLANK begets BLANK.” The power we have is to be personally mindful of the energy we put forth in the world, knowing that what we put into that first blank will magically carry forward to fill the second blank.

Visually, it looks like this: __________ begets _________.


On Til Dawn


You’ve been so GENEROUS to The Bay Lights
It’s our turn to fill in the second blank. I’m delighted to announce that the team at Illuminate the Arts has successfully found a way to extend your generosity toward THE BAY LIGHTS. We’ve worked closely with governmental agencies to strike the 2:00 a.m. shut-off clause from our permit. Starting on November 1, whenever it’s dark out, THE BAY LIGHTS will shine. As we head into our first winter of too-short days and looong nights, it’s a comfort to know that THE BAY LIGHTS will shine from dusk to dawn–with more people than ever able to experience its magic.

On ‘Til Dawn Sunrise Celebration—a special and free event
Honoring that ongoing spirit of generosity, we’re pleased to invite you to our Saturday Morning Sunrise Celebration at 6:30 a.m. behind the Ferry Building, at the south-east corner of the pier closest to THE BAY LIGHTS, We’ll be gathering as a community to celebrate our first foray into sunrise, serving hot coffee and fresh pastries to the first hundred or so people who show up. (After that, the food-friendly Ferry Building and Farmers Market will be there for you.)

Hot coffee or not, everyone will experience a special treat: the debut of THE BAY LIGHTS artist Leo Villareal’s special algorithms for the wee hours—your chance to see them first among friends and family. These will play nightly moving forward, starting at 2:00 a.m. straight through sunrise!