The Bay Lights Path to Permanence

Let's Keep 'Em Lit
November 13, 2013

Does vision spur destiny?

It was your trust, love and generosity—your belief in a vision—that made THE BAY LIGHTS a reality. Together, we can continue creating a world of magic and miracles.



Let’s keep The Bay Lights shining brightly for the next decade!
It’s certainly possible. There’s strong community desire and political will to keep THE BAY LIGHTS lit beyond 2015. Our nonprofit presenting organization Illuminate the Arts is engaged in an intense and sustained fundraising effort to turn the vision of permanence into reality. We ask for your generosity again—by making a tax-deductible donation now to support this crucial effort to bring light and love to our region and the world.

When The Bay Lights was still an impossible dream …
I would stare at the Bay Bridge for countless hours, trying to envision 25,000 points of light dancing across its west span. Then about a year before THE BAY LIGHTS went live, the vision snapped into focus and suddenly I could see the lights with absolute clarity. In fact, from that moment forward, whenever I looked at the bridge I couldn’t not see the lights.

Now that The Bay Lights shine from sunset to sunrise every night …
We no longer need to imagine the lights. Everyone can experience the artwork and witness its powerful effect: how it energetically redefines us as a region, how it inspires a sense of awe, wonder and joy in millions of people around the world, how we journey with friends and family to experience the lights. THE BAY LIGHTS personally fills me with a warmth I can only describe as a mix of gratitude, love, generosity and community.

I can’t imagine The Bay Lights ever being gone.
If the idea of a dark Bay Bridge leaves a hole in your heart, as it does for me, I hope you’ll support this campaign to keep Leo Villareal’s gorgeous gift to the world lit for another generation. THE BAY LIGHTS was designed and permitted as a temporary art installation with a two-year life, and if we fail to take action as a community now, THE BAY LIGHTS will go dark forever on March 5, 2015.