Today is Giving Tuesday

Let's Make The Bay Lights Permanent!
December 3, 2013

In the spirit of generosity that made THE BAY LIGHTS possible, we ask you to please contribute today to help make THE BAY LIGHTS permanent! You can also name a light in THE BAY LIGHTS online digital display to celebrate loved ones, a group or cause with a donation of $50 or more— your symbolic Gift of Light helps THE BAY LIGHTS stay.


Give & Get The Bay Lights Cinema Snowglobe

Own a one-of-a-kind Limited Edition art piece created by artists JD Beltran and Scott Minneman. This 21st Century snowglobe marries a nostalgic form with cutting-edge miniaturized technology featuring video of THE BAY LIGHTS glimmering against a black night sky—as flecks of sliver “stars” swirl with every shake. Lovely! 10 were created, just 5 left! First come, first serve with a $500 donation. Please email us.

Give & Get LED Art You Can Wear

If you have one of THE BAY LIGHTS amazingly interactive LED pendants, wear it with pride. If you don’t yet have one, receive one with your $300 donation here. (Note: we have limited supplies for the holidays.)

We’re thankful for Illuminode, a company with great heart!

In this season of giving and gratitude I’d like to share a story about a wildly innovative Los Angeles-based company called Illuminode that makes revolutionary interactive LED-illuminated clothing and accessories. Working with Leo, they designed THE BAY LIGHTS official commemorative LED pendant, which can also be worn as a pin. This gorgeous wearable art piece has a secret, which Illuminode’s Hruby McHugh reveals in this short video:


Let’s get out and be brilliant at Thursday’s IlluminArts Walk!

Speaking of art you can wear … join us December 5th for the IlluminArts Walk, a free, fun and festive event hosted by Illuminate the Arts and Black Rock Arts Foundation, in harmony with SF Travel and the Exploratorium. We’ll meet at 5:30pm at the North Beach intersection of Columbus and Broadway near Language of the Birds light art sculpture.

Come dressed in glowing gear or illuminated finery for this spontaneous walking art piece exploring works of illuminated art and vistas of THE BAY LIGHTS. Details here.

May your New Years Eve plans have you in the champagne-glow of THE BAY LIGHTS.

Thank you for your continued brilliance!